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What if? (NSFW)

Why did the Eagles leave themselves vulnerable to a 300 lb. brain seeking missile?

Robot Sportsbettor Wins at 67% in NFL contest, Starts With $1k and Wins $41,667

My recap of the Circa NFL Contest.

Why Would I trust a cartoon tout?

If you’ve done even a little bit of research into the tout world, you know that it’s pretty grimy. You google one guy and you see fraud convictions (multiple) and a bunch of numbers that make no sense. Another one has a billion fake Instagram followers, while yet another had a TV show with numbers that couldn’t possibly make sense (or was that the first guy again?).

Aside from the griminess, what all of these guys have in common is an unwillingness to share their results publicly. They’ll Latergram some big winning tickets, or get on their podcast and remind you that they liked Duke 3 1/2 months ago, but they sure don’t make it easy to see what they’re playing right now. 

That’s where The Bet Bot is different. Pregame, he shares a handful of picks publicly via social media and sends out a number of picks privately to subscribers. Everyday, he posts all of these picks (sorted by league and distribution type) along with results, and tracks their performance over time. Click the link below to see all of his picks over time.

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The Bet Bot won $40k in the Circa NFL Contest!

Not bad for The Bet Bot’s first public contest. Click to read more.